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Are there any government programs for first-time homebuyers in Cyprus?

Yes, Cyprus offers various incentives and subsidies for first-time homebuyers to help them achieve their dream of homeownership and stimulate the real estate market. These programs may include reduced VAT rates, tax exemptions or discounts, subsidized loans, and down payment assistance schemes. Reduced VAT rates are applicable to the purchase of new residential properties for owner-occupation or investment purposes and can result in significant savings for first-time homebuyers. Tax exemptions or discounts may be available for first-time homebuyers, providing relief from property taxes or other transaction-related expenses. Additionally, the government may offer subsidized loans or down payment assistance to help first-time homebuyers overcome financial barriers to homeownership and secure affordable financing for their property purchase. It's essential for first-time homebuyers to research and understand the available government programs and incentives in Cyprus and determine their eligibility and suitability for their needs and preferences. By taking advantage of these programs, first-time homebuyers can make their homeownership dreams a reality and enjoy the many benefits of owning a property in Cyprus.

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