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Can I buy property in Cyprus if I'm not a citizen of the European Union?

Yes, non-EU citizens are allowed to purchase property in Cyprus, subject to certain regulations and requirements. Non-EU buyers must comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing property transactions in Cyprus, including obtaining any required permits or approvals and adhering to residency and citizenship requirements. Additionally, non-EU buyers may be subject to certain restrictions or limitations on the type and size of property they can purchase, particularly in designated areas or zones. It's essential for non-EU buyers to research and understand the legal and regulatory framework governing property ownership in Cyprus before proceeding with a purchase. Working with qualified professionals, such as real estate agents, lawyers, and notaries, who are familiar with the local laws and regulations can help non-EU buyers navigate the property buying process with confidence and ease. By ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and seeking professional guidance, non-EU buyers can successfully purchase property in Cyprus and enjoy the benefits of property ownership in this beautiful Mediterranean destination.

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