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How do I verify the ownership of a property in Cyprus?

Verifying the ownership of a property in Cyprus involves conducting a title search and reviewing the property's title deeds to confirm the seller's legal ownership and identify any potential issues or encumbrances. The first step is to visit the Land Registry office and request a copy of the property's title deeds, which contain essential information about the property, including the owner's name, property boundaries, and any registered encumbrances or restrictions. Buyers should carefully review the title deeds and ensure that the seller's name matches the name on the deeds and that there are no outstanding debts, mortgages, or legal issues that could affect ownership or resale. Additionally, buyers should conduct a land registry search to confirm the property boundaries and identify any easements or rights of way that may affect the property's use or development. It's also advisable to work with qualified legal professionals and real estate agents who can assist with verifying the property's ownership and conducting due diligence on the title deeds. By taking these steps to verify ownership, buyers can ensure that they are purchasing a property with clear and marketable title and minimize the risk of encountering legal issues or disputes after the sale.

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